Aerosmith Member Reveals If He Really Beat Up Steven Tyler


Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has missed recent performances due to a foot injury, but he recently made an appearance to say hello to prove that his health issues aren’t anything life threatening. Steven Tyler invited him to the microphone when praising his temporary replacement. An Aerosmith member revealed earlier this week what Sting really did to The Police.

Tyler said about Kramer, “He kicked my ass in rehearsal.”

Kramer quipped back, “Rumor has it, I kicked your ass so bad in rehearsal, that’s what happened.”

NineLives posted on the Aeroforce forums about a recent show in Atlantic City, New Jersey, “The show was great last night! Thanks 🙂 While I missed seeing Joey on the drums, stuff happens – this was the first time i’ve seen them (I think it may have been my 10th at this point – i’d have to check) without all 5 guys but I still enjoyed every minute of it. Same set-list as the other East Coast shows, but they still sound as good as ever and the THX sound brings out some stuff that seems to get lost sometimes.

I was impressed that they brought a good amount from Vegas to this part of the tour. The lighting, backdrops, runway (I didn’t think they’d have this set up because it wasn’t shown on the seating chart) and even the very cool 30 minute video and intro – I loved the intro with the van driving around. All the guys still sound great and

I was very happy with the show. We were in the risers (not too high up) but had a good view and could see everything pretty close up. I’ve been to the Borgata for shows before and I love the venue – big enough for a show with some special set pieces but small enough to still feel intimate. Honestly any seat is probably a good seat here. Anyone else go last night? Or going Sunday? ‘Hangman Jury’ was a highlight for me – never saw that live before and Steven and Joe just kill it.” Aerosmith recently rejected a Freddie Mercury film offer.