Pearl Jam ‘Finished’ New Album Leaks To Fans


Eddie Vedder-fronted band, Pearl Jam has seemingly finished up with the production of their new album. Vedpunk posted on the forums: “The new Andrew Watt produced PJ album is almost finished. Tour dates will soon follow. “

Eddie Vedder had dropped hints about the new album

Previously, Eddie Vedder had joined Zane Lowe for an interview to discuss his third solo studio album, Earthling, and the story of his career. Zane Lowe and Eddie were joined by Andrew Watt and Josh Klinghoffer. Vedder had revealed that Pearl Jam’s next album will be produced by Andrew Watt, the producer of Earthling, Vedder’s new album which was released on February 11th.

He said: “Well this might be a really interesting process because the guys might really like this too. And so then, we kind of kept going and about halfway through, we had all the Pearl Jam fellows come down too and work with Andrew in his space. And with his people, and with his room and other sounds and that was feeling really good too. So, it all balanced out you know, and everyone’s feeling great about it and excited about the future and recording in a little bit different way. Pearl Jam’s been recording in kind of more laborious long processes and spending time in like the ‘laboratory’, and that was great but you know it’s good to kind of move around and switch it up.

Watt has been part of several high-profile producing albums in recent years most notably working with Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone, Miley Cyrus and more. Watt was also part of the backing band on Earthling along with drummer Chad Smith and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who joined Vedder on his upcoming solo tour that kicked off on February 3 at New York City’s Beacon Theatre.