Aerosmith Reveal Brutal Disease Steven Tyler Has


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler had his interview with Howard Stern air on a summer vacation episode last week, and he revealed that his bandmates have diagnosed him with LSD (Lead Singer Disease). Steven Tyler discussed a big name actor abusing heroin as well. recapped: Howard asked Steven if he had OCD and if the drugs helped with that. Steven said he does things in a certain way and he hears notes in a certain tune. He said if the guys are playing out of tune then he has to say something. He said he doesn’t know how not to say something. He said that Joe would say he has LSD or Lead Singer Disease.

He said that it’s never the lead singer though. He said that he’ll work in whatever way he has to. He said he would be nothing without that band. He said he just wants everyone to know that. He said he loves those guys to death. He said that Joe wouldn’t be who he is without the band either. Steven Tyler revealed the Aerosmith hit he wrote high recently.

Howard asked Steven about growing up in Massachusetts. Steven said there was no one for a mile. He said Joe lived across the lake and who knew. He said one day he got this thought to get a wire to string to an apple tree to hear the radio. He said at night you can pick up stations all over the planet. He said he picked up a station from Fort Wayne Indiana. He said he loved that station. He told Howard the songs he was hearing at the age of 9 and how they affected him. He said he didn’t know about s** but he felt it in a Johnny Horton song. Steven Tyler also revealed the drug he used at a Jimi Hendrix concert.