Steven Tyler Performance On Coke With Aerosmith Revealed


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s interview with Howard Stern aired on a summer vacation episode on Monday, and Tyler revealed that using cocaine ‘worked’ for awhile and he even wrote “Dream On” while he was high. Steven Tyler also revealed drugs he used at a Jimi Hendrix concert. recapped: Howard asked Steven if he ever thought that it wouldn’t last so he wanted to take it easy. Steven said he went balls to the wall from the start. He said they toured for 10 years and you just don’t stop. He said in 1979 or 1980 he was a mess.

Steven said the blow and the pills worked for awhile. He said he wrote Dream On and a bunch of other hits while he was high. He said it worked for a while. He said that it took its toll on him though.

Steven Tyler abandoned a performance of an Aerosmith song he hadn’t performed in 20 years a few days ago. Howard said he doesn’t think he could ever write a song. Steven said they could write one. He said they have to make a deal to stay in the room until you can’t stand each other’s smell or until they have a song. He said that’s what he did with Joe. Howard asked if they have too many people in the room does it get to be too much. Steven said that it can be too much when one guy is working on the microphone and the other is trying to hear his drums and all of that.

Howard asked if the guys get insulted when you tell the guys they’re interrupting the song writing. Steven said that it was an argument all the time. He said that’s what can end the band. He said everyone in Aerosmith stuck around and that’s what kept them going. He said they all stuck around for the greater of the band. He said he would never be what he is without the band. Tyler was recently angered by a man filming him.