Steven Tyler Reveals Drugs He Used With Jimi Hendrix


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler discussed using drugs at a Jimi Hendrix show in an interview with Howard Stern that aired on a Summer Vacation Show this week. Steven Tyler abandoned a terrible performance of an Aerosmith classic a few days ago. recapped: Howard asked Steven about growing up in Massachusetts. Steven said there was no one for a mile. He said Joe Perry lived across the lake and who knew. He said one day he got this thought to get a wire to string to an apple tree to hear the radio. He said at night you can pick up stations all over the planet. He said he picked up a station from Fort Wayne Indiana. He said he loved that station. He told Howard the songs he was hearing at the age of 9 and how they affected him. He said he didn’t know about sex but he felt it in a Johnny Horton song. Steven Tyler offered a massive paycheck at an Aerosmith show earlier this month.

Howard asked if anyone can write a song. Steven said they can. He said that Howard has lyrics. He said just listen to his show. He said every day he does a show he is doing a song. He said you have to hit on a theme and come up with a title. He said then you write on it.

Howard asked Steven about being with women and being a s*x addict. Steven said that he doesn’t know a human being that wouldn’t go there like he did. He said that anyone would do it. Steven said that the strongest drug he ever took was music. He said he fell in love with Joe and Sweet Emotion was about his girlfriend. He said that he said to the band that if they lived together they’d wake up and be playing music. He said that he loved Joe so much. He said he has been in bands since 1964. He said he met Joe in 1971. He said he was at Woodstock and he was waken up by Hendrix playing. He said he met Joey Kramer walking through the woods there. He said that he was walking down a path and he must have taken 3 tabs of LSD. He said he remembered him from high school.

Howard asked Steven about how hard it was for him to watch Hendrix or Mountain on stage and if he thought that he should be up there. Steven said it wasn’t ”fuck those guys” it was ”Those guys are so great I want to be that.” Steven Tyler was furious after a fan was caught filming him last week.