Freddie Mercury Breaking Up With Girlfriend Photos Revealed


Freddie Mercury and his beloved girlfriend Mary Austin broke up after the late Queen frontman came out of the closet, but they remained friends after their romantic relationship ended. Some of the first photos of the former couple on vacation after their breakup have surfaced, and you can tell they were thick as thieves as friends despite their romance coming to an end in a stunning fashion. Freddie having a health scare after a fight with a boyfriend was revealed yesterday.

Austin ended up getting most of what Freddie left behind after his death, as she was one of the few people he always trusted no matter what. Freddie Mercury Club reported:

Blessing your day with these beautiful rare photos of Freddie & Mary in Japan in 1979 during Jazz tour. I absolutely adore how cute Freddie looks in these photos standing by Mary looking at polaroids.

The two were no longer in a relationship here but as you see their friendship and special bond is definitely there. In the 3rd photo the man you see by Mary’s side is Mr. Itami, a trusted friend of Freddie’s, who was as former bodyguard owned a private security company and always looked after Freddie in Japan. Freddie Mercury coming out of the closet to a rock icon was revealed last week.

Can you see Mr Itami holding Freddie’s famous jacket for him? So it must be our babe himself behind the camera hence the smiles on their two faces.