Scott Weiland Savagely Rejected By Prince Before Death


Stone Temple Pilots members Eric Kretz and Robert DeLeo were recently interviewed by heavy metal and rock guru Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM show: Trunk Nation L.A Invasion. Here, the Stone Temple Pilots duo reveal a story about how the group, including Scott Weiland (whose estate paid huge money for him destroying a tour bus), recorded “Pretty Penny” off of Purple at Prince’s Paisley Park studio. In addition, the duo told a humorous story about how Weiland was rejected by Prince. Billy Corgan revealed the sad truth about Scott Weiland’s death last week. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Trunk: So back when Paisley Park, and for people don’t know that’s Prince’s studio, you could just rent it like any old regular studio? You didn’t have to have the purple one’s blessing?

Kretz: Yes, as long as the check didn’t bounce it was all good.

DeLeo: It’s funny because I remember that day. It’s like, the engineer was in there and I had my video camera and he’s like: “Prince doesn’t like videos.” and I was like: “Do you think you could get an autograph for me?” and he was like: “Prince doesn’t like to do autographs.”

Trunk: Did you meet him?

DeLeo: Well he was walking around that day, it was a Sunday morning and he was decked out, like yellow head to toe. Good story because Scott [Weiland] was putting a few back and he followed Prince into what was definitely a private area

Trunk: [Laughing] Okay. Prince wouldn’t like that, I don’t think.

DeLeo: No Prince wouldn’t like that. So he was editing one of his videos and Scott snuck into the room and went up right behind him and went: “You dance good!”

[Manaic laughter] 

DeLeo: I’ll never forget that that’s how the day ended.

Trunk: And they throw you out of the studio?

DeLeo: No, that’s how we met Prince.

Trunk: You mean, that was the extent of the meeting.

DeLeo: And Prince’s security.

Trunk: Woah, woah.

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