Alice In Chains Frontman Talks Axl Rose Keeping To Himself


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall discussed opening for Guns N’ Roses a few days ago on Banana 101.5 just prior to GNR and Alice In Chains’ show in Detroit. Alice In Chains also opened for Guns N’ Roses twice when they kicked off their reunion tour in Las Vegas in April.

DuVall said, “I have not met with W. Axl Rose as of yet, so perhaps that will happen over the next few days.”

He said he understood Rose keeping to himself, “I understand completely the desire, or need, to keep to oneself, particularly on the road when you’re a vocalist and you’re faced with so many challenges, and your instrument is literally your own body. I totally understand, but nevertheless, I hope it happens, at least say hello. I really admire the guy.”

He also discussed Alice In Chains’ plans for the remainder of 2016, “This kind of strikes me as more of like an interim, rev-up-the-engine tour. We do those every so often where it’s not necessarily part of an album cycle, but we just like to get out there on the road and play. And especially when unique opportunities like this one with GN’R arrive, you’ve gotta do that. But in this case, this time we were gonna do our own tour anyhow, so we’ll be going straight from the Guns N’ Roses tour right into our own headlining tour. And that tour will actually be divided into two parts — one being the summer leg and another one being more of an autumn leg. And then after that, I suppose we’ll talk about what it’s time to do next. Maybe that might entail new music or some sort of pre-production or something. That’s historically kind of how it’s gone over the last ten years. So we’ll just have to see.”