Steven Tyler Caught ‘Grabbing’ Two Young Women


Aerosmith and Steven Tyler superfan Barstool Pat of Barstool Sports recently took to social media via Twitter to post this photo of the Aerosmith singer from the Grammy’s with his arm around two very attractive women. However, this set off the Barstool Sports staffer as he proclaimed: “These girls have ZERO idea who Steven Tyler is” You can view the photo below. Howard Stern unloads on Steven Tyler ‘losing voice’.

In other news regarding Aerosmith and Steven Tyler, fans recently took to the group’s subreddit and didn’t hold anything back in regards to Steven Tyler and company’s performance at the Grammys. Fellow Reddit user aanythingss claimed: [It is]’laughable that performance was greenlit by the same band that claim Joey is unfit to play.”

A gross Steven Tyler ‘date’ photo was recently revealed. While Ice-Tiger mentioned: “There was definitely a mic problem, RUN-DMC didn’t sound good either, until like 1 minute and 30 seconds before the song ended where you could suddenly hear everyone better and they all sounded pretty good. Someone at the Grammys really screwed the sound system on that one. Honestly, I couldn’t hear much of them due to whatever sound issue was going on. I wouldn’t call it their best performance but when you have an issue like that I can’t really say that’s a good indicator of your playing ability. And again, they suddenly started to sound good right before their set ended so I wouldn’t fully blame it on their ability to perform. It’s also not an argument for letting Joey play since we don’t know exactly what his issues are. If he is, in fact, having issues playing letting him play last night would not have helped all the other issues that were occurring.”

Deja_moo said: “Agreed, it’s ridiculous. They don’t let Joey play but Joe was absolutely horrible himself, couldn’t play either riff properly with Walk This Way being especially horrible (the intro riff at least, after that he didn’t even play himself?). Run-DMC didn’t really fit in at all somehow, it sounded like a mess. Steven sounded as if he had no warmup whatsoever. I was really looking forward to this performance and it wasn’t great. I hope the summer tour will go better and they let Joey rejoin.” Steven Tyler ‘looks like a lady’ in a new photo.