Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell Reacts To Terrible Picture Of Himself


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell shared a bad picture of himself on Instagram.

He wrote, “A few years back Mike Savoia took this picture of me live. The combination of bad rock face, mid length hair grow out , unfortunate lighting and filter made me look like the phantom of the opera. Our crew had shirts made up of the following pic . Ha!”

Cantrell also recently wrote on Instagram, “My buddy Harold passed away during the making of Rainier Fog last summer. I’m so glad I took him up with me so we could spend those last months together. Smartest cat I ever had, although Dealy and Teddi are contending in their first year with me. I leash trained him in a single day, we used to go for walks all the time. Funniest thing someone ever said to me while on a stroll…. what’s wrong with your dog? Haha! RIP weird Harold.”

You can view both new posts from Jerry Cantrell on his Instagram page embedded below.