Chris Cornell Unreleased Song Could Be Part Of New Soundgarden Album


The previously unreleased Chris Cornell song “When Bad Does Good” was released on Thursday morning as a new single for the Chris Cornell retrospective set for release in November, and some of its lyrics ended up on Soundgarden’s newest album, King Animal.

The lyric ‘When blood is raining down, it cuts a deep river, and I’m diving’ appear on “By Crooked Steps” which suggest this songs was written and recorded in 2011 or 2012, and either was considered to become a Soundgarden song, or at the very least some of it was lifted for “By Crooked Steps.” Read the lyrics below.

Standing beside an open grave

Your fate decided, your life erased
Your final hour
Has come today
Lit by the fire of your temples burning

You are a child
And so was I
Now you’re a hunter
But I am a lion

And I will cut you down
Like I’ve done so many times

Sometimes bad can do some good,
Sometimes bad can do some good

And I heard you say that
Flesh sells by the pound

When blood is raining down
It cuts a deep river

And I’m diving

Now shine a light down
On to the earth
And shake this gold dust out
Out of the dirt

No saints beside me
And no prayers to guide me

Sometimes bad can do some good,
bad can do some good

Sometimes bad can do some good

(Rain down, heaven is falling)

I’ve chosen a side
And I will show no pity
And spare no lives
For those who try me
Let it be understood

Sometimes bad can do some good,
Sometimes bad can do some good