Alice In Chains’ New Album Is Tied Into ‘Dark’ Movie


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed how the band’s new album and videos, including “The One You Know,” are connected to an in the works SciFi film, in a new Eddie Trunk podcast interview.

“There’s a few irons in the fire of some interesting stuff. Sean started to talk to this director who is making a movie, kind of a cool dark edgy SciFi kind of film. We were talking about maybe doing the visual, two separate pieces of work and art, but maybe kind of molding them together. So that’s kind of a little episodic thing.”

William DuVall chimed in, “The video is sort of the first chapter of the molding of the two.”

DuVall also discussed being in Alice In Chains for 12 years now.

“It’s funny, time is a weird thing. Some people say, ‘Time is an illusion.’ Because it is. It’s weird how your mind perceives it. In some ways, it feels like every bit of 12 years. In some ways, it feels like 5 minutes. There are certain things I look back on. Early tours we did seem like it was a lifetime ago. And then there are other things where it’s just like, I blinked and suddenly we’re three albums deep and we’re out here again touring around.

So it is a weird kind of thing, the way we’re trying to size all this up. And that’s why I tend to concentrate more on what we’re doing right now. I wanna get through this day of press, I wanna get through this gig tonight. And then you do the same thing tomorrow. And then the tomorrow’s just line up and line up and line up and you look back and say ‘Oh, it’s been this many years! Wow! But it’s cool. I dig this record, we’re gonna see how everybody else digs it.”