Metallica Icon Reveals Dave Mustaine ‘Sickness’ Photo


One-time Metallica member Dave Mustaine got well-wishes from another former Metallica member in Ron McGovney recently. The ex Metallica bassist took to social media via Twitter to give his regards to Mustaine as McGovney tweeted: “Hi Dave. I hope you are doing well.” Mustaine recently gave a status update less than a year after he was diagnosed with throat cancer and proclaiming that he was ‘back’ within his current group – Megadeth. This Metallica icon called out this ‘sloppy’ Dave Mustaine performance last month.

In other Metallica news, fans took to the Metallica subreddit to pay their respects to Cliff Burton’s father, Ray Burton who recently passed away at the age of ninety-five. Reddit user BlueBloodsLive stated: ” What. A. Hero. A man of epic status and dignity. Beloved by all fans for decades, a proud father and a humble, sincere, giant of a gentleman. We’ll never ever forget him, he’ll be honored and rightly so. Seeing him at the Hall Of Fame made me so proud and the way he carried himself throughout the band’s life is a measure of how we could all do better.” This Metallica bassist unloaded on this bad Dave Mustaine ripoff in December.

A Metallica icon revealed this ‘heavy’ Dave Mustaine photo over the winter. The user continued: “Such a huge loss, but we should take comfort that he lived a full life, surrounded by love and his legacy will be one of legendary greatness. This will probably get lost in the sea of comments but I just needed to put it out there, it’s the least he deserves and I’m choking up thinking of him as I write. Goodbye Ray, you truly will never ever be forgotten. Sleep well and tell Cliff we love him! Sincerely, Every Metallica Fan Ever.”