Alice In Chains New Single “Never Fade” Leaks


Alice In Chains’ new single “Never Fade” has been released. Alice In Chains had previously released a preview of the song on Thursday.

“Never Fade” opens with a bassline, followed by creepy vocals from William DuVall. It then goes into a poppier chorus that sounds like “Voices” and recent poppier leaning AIC songs, with a hint of Sammy Hagar Van Halen. The bassline is prominent throughout the song. The verses see DuVall really tap into a Layne Staley type of vocal melody. DuVall and Jerry Cantrell trade lines during the chorus, though Cantrell is more prominent.

This is the third track to be released for AIC’s new album Rainier Fog, following “The One You Know” and “So Far Under.” The record is set for release on August 24th, and it will be the band’s sixth studio album, and third to feature William DuVall.