Pearl Jam Play Touching Soundgarden Tribute In Seattle


Pearl Jam kicked off The Home Shows at Safeco Field in Seattle on Wednesday, and they played a Soundgarden guitar riff when discussing the iconic Grunge band according to the forum recap. A fan spotted Kim Thayil on the side of the stage.

“I’m thinking about being out here in center field. My favorite player is Ichiro. There was a guy number 44, Mike Cameron. The other Seattle Mariner that made magic in this space and the Kingdome and he likes our band okay. I am talking about Randy Johnson, The Big Unit. His favorite band of all time is Soundgarden.” Mike McCready plays part of Soundgarden’s “Superunknown.”

“Randy would be excited to know that it isn’t Mike Cameron but Matt Cameron in center field at the drum kit.”

Vedder later discussed teachers.

“We didn’t come all this way to fuck around too much. We were just talking about which songs to play. I feel like a waiter with too many tables, I want to make sure everyone is getting taken care of.” He checks on various sections. He spots some young kids in the audience having fun which is a good sign. It means it is safe. He hears one kid has been to four shows, “You know at five you get to play with band.” He notes that the band has about 10 kids between them, “Matt has nine…”

Ed is grateful for the notoriety of playing music but he says it is the audience that allows them to play. Not only does the audience support them and keep the families happy but it gives us a reason to get together and play and love each other. As parents we know there are some people that deserve more notice than they receive. There are teachers that have changed our lives. He tells a story about Kurt Vonnegut at a lecture asking the audience to raise their hand if they had one special teacher that changed their lives. Almost everyone did. Eddie does the same thing with the audience. His kids have brought their favorite teacher here and Ed wants to play a song for them.