Alice In Chains React To Fan Telling Them Pearl Jam & Soundgarden Are Better


Alice In Chains were recently interviewed by FM99 WNOR, and they had a funny exchange with the DJ, telling him that if he crapped on the band they would play what he wanted. Alternative Nation transcribed the joke filled conversation.

The DJ said that The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here was right up there with Dirt, and he’d love to see them perform material from the album live.

Sean Kinney sarcastically responded, “Oh, do you like that one? None. We’re going to scrap any songs we play from that tonight.”

The DJ said, “I deserved that.”

Kinney quipped back, “I think you do, I believe you do. I’m glad that you’ve learned your lesson, have you learned your lesson?”

The DJ responded, “Yes sir.”

Kinney shot back, “Good, okay then. Now, we might play some songs from it.”

Jerry Cantrell joked, “You should have said you hated it, then we’d play the whole thing.”

Kinney said, “It would have been one of those playing the entire album things, if you would have crapped all over it, then we would have been like, we are playing that album from start to finish.”

The DJ then quickly caught on, stating that Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana were better than Alice In Chains.

“You’re definitely my fourth favorite out of the Seattle four.

Cantrell responded, “Yeah, there you go. Now you got it.”

Watch the hilarious sarcastic interview below!