Kurt Cobain’s Mom Allegedly Details Courtney Love Threat: ‘Kurt Had Filed For Divorce’ Claimed


Frances Bean Cobain’s ex-husband Isaiah Silva alleges in his new lawsuit accusing Courtney Love of trying to have him murdered that Kurt Cobain’s mother Wendy O’Connor told him that Courtney Love threatened Kurt’s sister Brianne when she voiced suspicions about his 1994 death. Silva’s lawsuit also alleges that Wendy claimed that Kurt Cobain filed for divorce, and after his death Courtney Love burned the divorce papers. Below is an excerpt from the lawsuit:

O’CONNOR told SILVA and MARY that, shortly after Kurt Cobain’s death, she and LOVE were talking in the kitchen of the Washington home where Kurt Cobain had died. When O’CONNOR began to question the facts surrounding her son’s alleged suicide. O’CONNOR said that LOVE became angry and threatened O’CONNOR’s daughter, Brianne O’Connor, saying, “Shut up, or she’s next.”

O’CONNOR told SILVA and SILVA’s mother, MARY, that Kurt Cobain had filed for divorce from LOVE shortly before his death and had initiated the process of cutting LOVE out of his last will and testament. On the same day that she threatened O’CONNOR, LOVE threw Kurt Cobain’s divorce papers into the fire and declared to O’CONNOR, “Everything’s mine.”

Note that these are second hand claims, and Courtney Love has denied allegations of being involved in Kurt Cobain’s death for over 24 years.