Eddie Vedder Protests Against President Trump


Colin Camacho has posted a photo of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder at the Womens March in Seattle on Saturday, a march against President Donald Trump. Mike McCready also attended the march.

Camacho wrote, “WOMXN’S MARCH SEATTLE going strong at 130k+ ! I was just looking at my quick snaps from this morning and randomly noticed a local rock dewd snuck in the pic. Marches are better with Vedder. #womensmarch #igotpearljammed.”

Vedder is a longtime supporter of President Obama, helping him raise $1.7 million for his 2012 re-election campaign at a fundraiser concert in Tampa Bay in September 2012. Vedder played four songs for the President and 85 guests who attended at a $20,000-per-person fundraiser at the home of signer-songwriter Don Miggs and Lisa deBartolo, a daughter of the former owner of the San Francisco 49ers, Eddie DeBartolo Jr. Vedder also hung out with Obama in Honolulu in 2012, and performed at his farewell address a couple of weeks ago in Chicago.

Vedder was a vocal critic of Trump last year, singing lyrics criticizing the President-elect. Vedder sang, “Fuck Donald Trump. It’s like his penis gets smaller every time he says huge. I like Hillary but I can feel the Bern.”

Vedder also called Trump a ‘nasty orangutan.’ He met Hillary Clinton backstage at a fundraiser last year.