Slash Told To ‘Quit’ Before Guns N’ Roses Tour


Slash revealed that he was told to quit playing guitar before making it on tour with Guns N’ Roses in a new television interview, and Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. He was asked if he’s ever gotten sick of playing guitar and wanted to stop. Howard Stern revealed a ‘small crowd’ at a Guns N’ Roses show a few days ago.

“No, I never had that. I had a lot of crisis [moments] with other people who were trying to get me to do something that I didn’t want to do, or who didn’t agree with my dedication to the guitar because it was taking time away from other things. I had a lot of that, I had a lot of people telling me to give it up, that there were too many guitar players. But I never got bored with it myself, that’s probably how I got through it all.”

Guns N’ Roses are working on a new album, and fans on discussed a possible record deal. Randall Flag posted, “They just made $500 million touring the past 3 years. They don’t need a record company. Metallica doesn’t. Either they want to record new music, or they don’t. They don’t need anyone’s permission or help. They can afford studio time. They can hire a producer. They don’t need to release physical media.

This ‘hopelessly devoted to you’ nonsense many fans have needs to stop. I recently re-read Chinese Whispers, and if there’s one message to take away, it’s that no one, not even “insiders” has a clue what the future holds.”

A Guns N’ Roses icon called out Eddie Van Halen disrespect last week. Wasted responded, “Yeah I also if GNR has contract with a record company they can’t release a GNR record without them, otherwise what’s the point of the contract. It’s not just the they own the rights to material they paid to have made in some way.

Record company should be useful distribution and marketing stuff. Oil the wheels. But I’m not sure radio and videos works the same anymore. At this point it’s either a good record or not. Like Rock or Bust did horribly sales wise but it was a successful album release.

GNR seem to have everything needed for a successful release. They’ll get that excitement for 2 weeks with Hardschool being played. Then they just need that hit ballad type song like Fall To Pieces. To me it’s Atlas Shrugged but that might be too complex. Then Soul Monster could be the epic.” A Guns N’ Roses member leaked an Izzy Stradlin reunion photo last week.