Alice In Chains Reveal Why They Refused To Replace Layne Staley


Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell discussed the band carrying on without Layne Staley in a new SoundLounge interview, and why he doesn’t consider William DuVall necessarily a replacement.

“The way we have always gone about things before Will got here and since he’s been here has been really organic, we’ve just kind of followed our own thing, and done things that felt right for our own reasons. We’ve been really lucky to have a really long career doing that. There is no replacing Layne so we weren’t asking Will to come in and try to be Layne, we wanted him to be himself.

Will and I had already spent time together and we’d played the stuff and as Alice In Chains has always been a two pilot aircraft to fly vocally, so that’s just the way it had to work. We always had a real chemistry that way, every record that we’ve done, we’ve tried to be really interchangeable, because it takes two pilots to fly the plane.”

“It takes two baby,” DuVall sang.

Jerry Cantrell also commented on the new Alice In Chains album, which was recently completed.

“It’s a good one, it’s done. It’s pretty good.”

  • Raj

    Will has his own style plus he plays guitar, Layne can never be replaced nor can no one come close to touching him. He was one of a kind. Will does the old material justice and really was brought in to supplement Jerry. I think for people saying they should bring in singer X because he or she is a big name that would just be a copycat and probably wouldn’t work. A few bands who lost their singers are bringing in guys lesser known instead of some big name.

  • dakotablue

    They refused because they knew they could not. Ever.