The Misfits Top 10 Covers: Metallica, Green Day & More


Few bands managed to captivate fans with such aesthetic richness and blunt force brutality as The Misfits. The iconic horror-punk band founded legendary front-man Glenn Danzig and long-time bassist/vocalist Jerry Only have experienced their own fair share of ups and downs throughout the years- legal battles, rotating band members and the such. But what remains undeniable is the band’s long-lasting influence.

Combining gloriously gory and absurd lyrics revolving around themes of B-Horror Cinema masterpieces, the intensity of the burgeoning punk rok and some wonderfully, well placed nods to doo-wop and pop music of the fifties’, The Misfits set the pace for a generation on bands to come. From Metallica and Slayer to Green Day and Blink 182, the impression left by The Misfits sits wide-ranging. A great way to recognize a band’s everlasting power is in the influence they provide. The Misfits no doubt left their stamp and their influence remains potent to this day.

While Jerry Only continued The Misfits through the years through a number of albums and successful tours, fans experienced a reunion no one saw coming with Glenn Danzig re-entering the fold; along with Only, classic-era guitarist Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, thrash legend and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and  Murderdolls guitarist Acey Slade, The Misfits were back and truly better than ever several years back- setting out to give fans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see them with some sporadic shows. In honor of The Misfts and the band’s influence, here are Alternative Nation’s Top Ten Misfits Covers!

  1. AFI- Halloween

AFI leader Davey Havok gives more than a valiant effort in taking on the vocal stylings of Misfits singer Glenn Danzig. The band keeps it pretty by the book but with a classic track like this, there’s no harm in that. With his devil lock and horror inspired look of his own, Havok seemed poised for a time to be this generation’s Glenn Danzig.

  1. Pennywise- Astro Zombies

Ahhhh, good ol’ Pennywise. Of all the punk bands to come out of the late eighties, early nineties, Pennywise sat high above the rest. Comfortably residing as one of the truest to the form of all. “Astro Zombies” totally crushes and Pennywise crush this classic anthem!

  1. Volbeat- Angelfuck

One of the greatest qualities of The Misfits is their ability to have such outrageously ridiculous and/or offensive lyrics sound utter beautiful. Laid over a nice, uppity punk rock backdrop, Danzig was able to make almost anything sound glorious. “Angelfuck” is a great example of that. And Volbeat carry on that legacy on this hopped version of the classic track.

  1. Hatebreed- Hatebreeders

Definitely the best example on this list of answering the question, “Hey. Where did you get the name of your band from?” Hatebreed inject this awesome, oft-overlooked song with their brand of brutality. Jamey Jasta’s harsh vocals serve the song perfectly while the crushing rhythm section leaves you hell-bent on getting caught in a mosh.

  1. Doyle- London Dungeon

Okay, relax. This may be kind of cheating, but can we give Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein some props? The devil lock, the white face paint and his guitars that look more like 18th century weapons than a musical instrument are a huge part of The Misfits legacy. Here with his solo band, he does that legacy proud.


  1. Metallica- Die, Die My Darling

Perhaps no band helped propel the influence of The Misfits more than Metallica. During the band’s early years, there is no shortage of pictures seeing the members- most notably late bassist Cliff Burton donning Misfits tee shirts. Or in the case of lead guitarist Kirk Hammett- Samhain, Glenn Danzig’s first post-Misfits band- tee shirts. From 1998’s Garage Inc., Metallica thrash up The Misfits in the best possible way.

4.. Guns N’ Roses- Attitude

The Spaghetti Incident? is the bastard child of the Guns’ discography. A covers album encompassing punk, glam and hard rock, their take on The Misfits classic “Attitude” is a monster. Bassist Duff McKagan’s, a punk inspired bassist and vocalist in his own right, steps up to the mic and completely kills it. It’s a nice change of pace from Axl Rose and serves a great juxtaposition to this monstrously underrated album.

  1. Rob Zombie featuring Glenn Danzig- Vampira & Horror Business

Okay. Maybe cheating again. But… we’ve got a two for one special here. Rob Zombie, over the past twenty-five years has perfected the art of horror rock. A worthy successor to The Misfits whether in White Zombie or in his solo band, you can’t deny the influence of The Misfits on his work. Seeing his with Glenn Danzig here is surreal and wonderful. Along with Piggy D, Ginger Fish and guitar virtuoso John Five, Zombie brings the greatest collection of musicians he’s ever assembled into legend status with this raucous performance.

  1. Green Day- Hybrid Moments

“Hybrid Moments” is one of The Misfits greatest pieces of work hands down. When Green Day took to covering the track, Billie Joe Armstrong chugs that opening “D” chord just like so many Green Day classics before it. If you’re a band like The Misfits, seeing this should give ou that porud parent feeling. Green Day may be punks for the 21st century, but they owe a great debt to The Misfits. With “Hybrid Moments” they more than make them proud.

  1. Metallica- Last CaressMetallica have the dual honor of being number one on the list and the only band to appear twice. For “Last Caress” (which sits as my personal favorite song of all time), the song has remained a live staple for Metallica throughout the years. They infamously played it at the 1996 MTV Europe Music Awards. The song appeared on 1998’s Garage Inc- it’s inclusion the original recording from 1987’s Garage Days Revisited. On both of those, the song is part of a two-part medley along with “Green Hell”. Any of these performances deserve your attention. But one reigns supreme. Their acoustic performance of the track from a 1998 MTV airing- with a slight country swing and an amazingly fresh solo from Kirk Hammett is good as the Bay Area Thrashers ever did with a cover! God damn! Even stripped down Metallica kill it.