Scott Weiland Son Reveals ‘Drug Free’ Photo Of Dad


Scott Weiland’s son posted a photo of his late father wearing a ‘drug free’ t-shirt in the late 90’s in a new Instagram post on the 25th anniversary of Stone Temple Pilots’ Tiny Music…Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop.

STP fans on the forums discussed their issues with the Tiny Music reissue of the album.

Rik posted a few days ago, “Looks like the Spring Break Rocks performance will be included at least as audio (maybe even video) on the deluxe set. A nice compilation video that I had been working on for a while has been completely blocked by YouTube on behalf of WMG/Atlantic Records.

All songs from Spring Break Rocks that I included get a copyright strike (“2021 Remaster” is mentioned) as well as segments featuring Press Play and Ride The Cliche.

I’ll still share the video. But YouTube will unfortunately mute the affected parts.”

Blue responded, “Well that’s a crushing disappointment if true. Spring Break Rocks is probably the single worst choice of shows they could have picked. No Pop’s Love Suicide, no And So I Know, no Daisy, no Seven Caged Tigers, no Dancin’ Days, and no Piece of Pie (which was given the shaft on the Core reissue)

So instead of an epic, sprawling 25 song live album over two discs… We get a 14 song festival set with only 4 songs off the album.

We’ll probably get radio versions of Lady Picture Show and Seven Caged Tigers, and maybe Dancin’ Days if we’re lucky… But if they don’t include a full concert set from 96 or 97 it’s gonna feel like a huge middle finger.”