Elon Musk Reveals Fight At Dave Chappelle Show


According to Musk, a fight broke out at a Dave Chappelle show – and you better believe that the man who thinks about aliens A LOT is going to capitalize on the incident via his social platform. Perhaps Twitter will eventually bud heads with Trump’s social platform. It’ll be a knock down drag out of epic magnitude. The winner wins the WWE title.


In additional “star man” news, Musk was recently booed off stage. Imagine that, Mr. A.I. Mr. Social Warrior, Mr. electric cars, booed off stage? What’s happening. Has the world gone mad?

As per CNN, Musk joined Dave Chappelle (the so called comedian) on stage Sunday in San Francisco, home of Twitter for twits headquarters where the world’s supposedly richest person (only monetarily) on earth recently laid off many of its employees. Sounds like a real nice guy doesn’t he. It went about as well as you’d expect.

The crowd at the Chase Center loudly booed Musk, and rightfully so, who had spent much of the weekend wading into the culture wars, making transphobic statements and seemingly echoing QAnon tropes.

Video of the incident at Sunday’s Chappelle show captured by people in attendance shows the controversial Twitter owner taking the stage and yelling Chappelle’s famous Rick James impression: “I’m rich, b***h.” Afterward, Musk got loudly booed for several minutes.

Controversy creates cash – Musk knows that, and now that he’s so big, he doesn’t care about anyone else’s opinions. Resistance, he feels, is futile.