Alter Bridge Member ‘Fell Off Stage’ At Show


Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy discussed his nightmare concert moments in a new Ultimate-Guitar interview.

“Oh sure. There have been countless nightmare gigs. I’ve been doing this for over three decades. I feel like Spinal Tap. It’s funny because I do love watching Spinal Tap, and you can ask any musician this, but sometimes it’s not funny because it just hits too close to home, because you’ve experienced all of that to some degree.

“So everything from being lost and not being able to find the stage, to being in the belly of a theater and not being able to find the stairs to the stage while the crowd is cheering, waiting for you, that has happened. Falling off the stage, tripping over your pedalboard, yeah…

“I’ve got so many embarrassing moments. One time we were playing in the Netherlands and we were doing a big festival. I used to have the setlist taped to the monitor wedge and I went to jump up on the monitor wedge and I put my foot right on the piece of paper and obviously, I fell flat on my face in front of 30,000 people.

“It was a humiliating experience but, you know, all you can do in those moments is just jump up, throw your arms up and say, ‘Yeah, I realize that was probably pretty entertaining for you, so I’m going to laugh right along with you.'”