Scott Weiland Film To Debut On Television


‘The Last Hours of Scott Weiland’ will premiere on Reelz Channel on May 9th at 8PM. Former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts guitarist Doug Grean, and others, will be interviewed.

N3wtr1n0_ commented on the Stone Temple Pilots Reddit, “Anyone else find this sort of stuff kind of tasteless? I hate the docos about Kurt Cobain and find people’s obsession with glorifying drug addicts and suicide kind of troubling. I love the music these people produced but have little to no interest in the trainwreck that was their personal lives.

I’ll spend the time listening to the albums, not watching some cheap made for TV movie about their worst days, thanks. Just my opinion, feel free to disagree. Shout outs to anyone out there doing it tough, hope you find the strength to battle through.”

Syzslak added, “Like most STP stuff, I have to learn a whole new media source to see stuff. I was excited that the Purple and Core concerts were on Amazon, but turns out it needs an additional subscription to some other new thing. Now Reelz? What is that? Like most old school fans, I just want it on VHS, rented from Blockbuster.”

Lazydivey concluded, “Yeah I asked Doug about it and he said that they did a good job and was respectful otherwise he wouldn’t have done it.”