Alternative Nation Seeking Reporters & Contributors


Alternative Nation owner Brett Buchanan and Deep Cuts writer Jeff Gorra. We’re very serious 😉

Alternative Nation is seeking reporters, editors, reviewers/photographers, and contributors. Keep in mind, if you join the site you can perform a variety of roles if you’d like, or you could focus on one department. Positions are on an intern basis (not paid), though you are rewarded with free concert review tickets if you write often enough, but if you contribute a lot of great content to the site that receives high traffic, there is an opportunity for you to advance from writing on an intern basis.

These are some of the things we are looking for, don’t consider these your official titles or roles though, this is just to describe the types of things we’re looking for in reporters.

News Reporter – Write news stories on the site like I (Brett Buchanan) do. Alternative Nation likes to break stories or be one of the first on a story or rumor, so we’re not as interested in people who will just go and copy/regurgitate stuff from sites like Consequence of Sound and Loudwire, or post boring press releases from publicists. We want reporters who will dig around to break stories on not only the famous 90’s rock bands we cover, but we’re also interested in coverage on other bands from outside the 90’s era, like the coverage we’ve been doing recently on Blink-182. So if you’d like to come on board and report on popular bands outside of the 90’s niche, feel free.

Editorial Writer – We are seeking writers who can write ‘Deep Cuts’ pieces like the great Jeff Gorra does, and also writers who would like to write ‘top 10’ type list articles, or any other opinion/think pieces. Like with news reporting, you can write about 90’s bands if you’d like, but we also encourage people to write about other popular rock bands outside of Alternative Nation’s core group of artists.

Interviewer – Interview famous bands. You need to know how to record an interview you conduct on your phone on the internet.

Reviewer/Photographer – If you can take great photos and write a great review, we could use you for when an opportunity arises to cover a concert in your town .

Editor – Edit some of the more long form ‘Deep Cuts’ type articles to check for spelling and grammatical errors, and also to fact check.

Social Media – Monitor Alternative Nation’s Facebook page and delete comments that are negative or encourage people to not click on the story (an example would be people giving away the story in the comments). If you have any ideas to increase Alternative Nation’s social media presence, that would also be great as well. We’ve considered Instagram, but aren’t sure how it translates to traffic since you can’t link to stories.

If you are new at writing, try to focus on a position that involves less in-depth writing like a list article that doesn’t have thousands of words, or focus on short form news articles that break news. Please send samples to Alternative Nation owner Brett Buchanan at grungereport We’ve had a lot of flakes over the years which has dissuaded me from responding quick, so please only e-mail if you are actually interested. You don’t have to write every day, but we’d appreciate content that can help supplement the daily news stories.

Also to our long time off and on commenter Boom, I’m still waiting for your column series you’ve been promising. There are many perks to writing for Alternative Nation, as you can see below.