Eddie Vedder Fan Reveals Terrible Injury Photo

Photo by Brett Buchanan for AlternativeNation.net

On the official Pearl Jam forums, Saltzy23 posted that he was injured at a show rushing to see Eddie Vedder return to the stage for a guest performance with The Who after he had performed a solo set as the opener. Eddie Vedder revealed ‘intense pain’ he has felt in a heartbreaking new video yesterday.

“So, I was at The Who show at Wembley Stadium on 7/6. My friend and I got so bored during The Who after Eddie had played his set that we decided to take a walk to the back of the GA area, where we could freely walk around and grab some beers or whatever. It starts to lightly drizzle.

3 songs left in the show Roger Daltrey says, “We’d like to welcome back to the stage our good friend Eddie Vedder for one more song.” I take off like an Olympic sprinter to get back to my seat by the stage. My left foot slides out from under me and I land with all my weight on my left shoulder. Made it 7 more days through the EU/UK before coming home and getting it looked at.

Broke my shoulder in 12 fucking places, and needed 10 titanium screws to put me back together. Gonna take like 4 months before I’m ‘back to normal’.

10 PJ/Eddie shows this last year (Madrid, Lisbon, Missoula, Chicago, Boston, Tuscon, Dublin and this show), and on the last, last, LAST song I saw him play I completely destroyed myself.

It sucks, but shit happens I guess…. ”

He later wrote, “This is the finished product after surgery.

I won’t be able to lift my arm above my head for probably another 4-6 weeks, and it will be something I will need to deal with for the rest of my life.

Rock and Roll baby….”  Eddie Vedder discussed how while on tour, he met a doctor who is working on curing a rare disease, in an interview with an A-list star.