Dave Grohl Called ‘Freak’ By A-List Star


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar was interviewed on a new Lance Armstrong podcast. Here, the former Van Halen frontman shares what his experience was like jamming with Foo Fighters frontman, Dave Grohl and talked about how impressed Sammy was with Grohl’s fearlessness. However, this didn’t stop show host, former Olympian Lance Armstrong from calling the Nirvana founder an awesome freak. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar’s comments. Dave Grohl recently reacted to a disgusting money revelation.

Armstrong: Did you ever jam with Dave Grohl?

Hagar: Oh yeah.

Armstrong: That guy

Hagar: He did Acoustic For A Cure with me.

Armstrong: Oh okay, great.

Hagar: He’s, he’s…

Armstrong: He’s a freak.

Hagar: The guy can play drums, guitar, he writes, sings, writes, piano, really a talented guy. I always call Dave Grohl “everybody’s friend.” Dave is everybody’s friend. Look, if Paul McCartney loves Dave Grohl then everybody loves Dave Grohl.

Armstong: Well, he’s the life of the party. [Dave] likes to crack jokes,  say bad words and play music.

Hagar: Grohl’s the real deal, Dave comes to Acoustic For A Cure, gets off the plane, brings a couple of his band members up, same thing, I just asked him to do it. Yeah, we’ll be there – bing. Dave just came out of the studio, had a brand new song, gets up on stage and plays a brand new song acoustically that when I heard it, it’s The Sky Is A Neighborhood. That song off of his last album? It’s heavier than shit and he’s going up with an acoustic guitar screaming like that. I’m going: “Man, and I thought I was a screamer.” Dave just had no fear.

Armstrong: Yeah.

Hagar: You know, and a brand new song. Grohl’s just looking at his lyrics and he’s playing it. I’m just really impressed with his fearlessness. That’s the way to play music. It’s the way to go into a sport, activity, any kind of competition – fearlessness. If you aren’t fearless. You might just get your ass kicked.