Angus Young ‘Auditioning’ New AC/DC Singer Leaks


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans recently discussed Angus Young auditioning for AC/DC in an interview with The Metal Voice. Angus Young’s rumored ‘anger’ with the AC/DC reunion was just revealed.

“I knew of Malcolm Young, the younger brother of the famous George Young from the Easybeats. I answered an ad in the Sydney Herald newspaper that said looking for a singer, in the style of Free, Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, that kind of thing. Malcolm was at the other end of the line and when he found out that it was me, Dave Evans, he already knew about me from my prior bands.

We both knew we liked the same music, so I went to Newtown and met Malcolm for the first time and the rest of the band. We jammed, it sounded great, Malcolm was happy. Everyone was happy so we formed a band, without the name AC/DC yet.

A week later Malcolm asked if his younger brother Angus who was in a band called Kentucky, if he could audition for us as well, so we said no problem. Angus auditioned and we liked him and now the band was five of us. After some time we had a show coming up and we had to get a name and we kicked around a few names then Malcolm said his sister in law suggested AC/DC and we all liked it. We shook hands and we called ourselves AC/DC. ”

Ivantogetaway recently discussed AC/DC’s singers on Reddit, “Bon Scott is the best of AC DC. Brian Johnson is okay.” ShastaTikiPunchTheOG responded, “I wouldn’t say Brian is ok, he’s a pretty damn good vocalist, but I definitely prefer the Bon Scott era. The Brian era is just a little more polished.”

Stiff_Upper_Lip chimed in, “It’s a definitely a popular opinion, for me personally, I got into AC/DC 30 odd years ago when blow up your video came out so I’ve grown up listening to Johnson. I love Bon’s albums, his lyrics and the bluesy style, but for all out racket and annoying the neighbours it’s gotta be Johnson.”

ChogorithfromGluuto3 concluded, “Here’s my personal opinion. If I wanna play high energy rock and roll then Bon is the way to go. If I’m feeling a little dark and wanna scream then it’s Brian all the way. I love both eras equally.” An AC/DC member’s ‘goodbye’ message was revealed last week.