Anthony Kiedis Mom Leaks Red Hot Chili Peppers Album?


Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis’ mother Peggy reacted to Funkyard’s Festival being postponed, leaking that a ‘wonderful’ new album is imminent. Chad Smith leaked a new RHCP clip a couple days ago.

She said, “Very sad news! However, we all need to be patient, as many lives are at stake. This too shall pass. Wonderful music coming, so I have been told. Many thanks to all all of you for your loyalty.”

The new album is RHCP’s first record with John Frusciante in 15 years. Woozlewuzzle29 posted on Reddit, “Why did John’s vocals become more prominent after his first return? There’s so much I love about RHCP, but my favorite is John’s vocals, especially when there’s so many layers.

In Mother’s Milk and BSSM, John’s vocals were used very sparingly, but starting with Californication, they’ve become an integral part of the band’s sound. Was a reason ever given for this?”

Joeyhala responded, “I could be wrong but I think Anthony mentions in scar tissue that Rick Rubin motivated John to become more invovled as a backup vocalist during the recording of Californication. Look at the chorus of Quixoticelixer for example where John has more vocal presence in that part of the song than AK does.”