Audioslave ‘Crazy’ Chris Cornell Death Claim Revealed


In a new interview with BBC6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs, Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello, discussed his memories of Chris Cornell stating in the interview that there was “No Explanation” for the late Soundgarden frontman’s death. Tom Morello confirmed in a recent interview with Guitar World that “there’s a great amount of Audioslave material” that was never released prior to Chris Cornell’s tragic May 2017 death. Alternative Nation transcribed Morello’s comments.

Hobbs: Just before we kind of cast you into the night I wanted to ask one question actually. We were playing Audioslave’s music on the run-up to your arriving here for this particular piece. I just wanted to ask you about your memories of Chris Cornell?

Morello: Sure, and Chris was a great friend, one of the best singers, songwriters, not just in grunge but of all time. While he was a friend and a bandmate I never stopped being a fan of Chris and his voice, his work and it is a bottomless tragedy from which I will never recover. There is no real explanation at the end of the day to why he passed and so we enjoy his music, we salute him at our show and at this tour that we have been doing an instrumental version of Cochise where we just light the microphone, the crowd sings it and it’s a way to really celebrate him and mourn him collectively. I just can’t believe he’s gone, it’s just so crazy. What I will say about Chris though is that he’s a person that had demons at a very young age and somehow managed to harness them to make some of the greatest rock and roll music of all time. So, I think, perhaps that was his greatest gift to us was to take the stuff inside of him – which was the turmoil, hurt and stuff and stuff that was not okay and somehow forge that into many records of tremendous music, vocals and guitar playing with us. 

Hobbs: Yeah, I guess all of us miss him very, very, much.

Morello: Yeah, yeah, as I said, it’s a bottomless [tragedy] and you shall not recover from that one but while it’s not a silver lining, his music is always there. Actually, Brad [Wilk] and I were just talking about Chris. We talk about him all the time. His presence his there and it’s certainly at our shows.  Audioslave made a bold Chris Cornell revelation after an eerie photo.