Dave Grohl Makes Emotional Howard Stern Revelation


Howard Stern recently played an interview with Imagine Dragons on a summer vacation episode, and he revealed some emotional recording advice from Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Howard Stern revealed a Billy Corgan and Dave Grohl secret in July.

Howard asked about going to a Katy Perry party once. He heard they walked there. Ben said they were in Amsterdam and they were invited to a party so they stumbled over in that general direction. He said he felt like they weren’t supposed to be there. Howard said maybe they can move out of the drug neighborhood and get a nicer studio. Dan said the house was made to be turned into a studio.

Howard said Dave Grohl thinks that the vibe has to be right to make an album. Dan said it does. He said it feels like real Vegas there. They have used the hot tub to record stuff. They have drained it and put amps in there. One time it overflowed while they were in the studio with all of these amps and things all over the place. They said that was scary. Dave Grohl had a bold reaction to Imagine Dragons in a photo a few months ago.

Howard said that Dan was a missionary for a while. Dan said he was and he stayed in the States for that. He said he did that for 2 years. He said the second year he was in Northern Omaha. He said that he was the only white dude for miles around. Dan said it was a really eye opening thing. He said he was working with getting kids out of gangs and things like that. He said it’s not a choice for these kids. He said they have to get into them for protection. He said as a missionary no one messes with you. He said that they all believe in god so they don’t mess with you. Dan said when you go into a rich area then they mess with you.

Howard asked what’s worse, meth or crack. Dan said Meth. He said he was scared for his life on many occasions when he was dealing with meth addicts. He said he’s glad that he did it though. He said he doesn’t think they’d be where they are now if he hadn’t done it. Dan said it has nothing to do with religion either. He said he’s already said he’s conflicted about that. Dan said that you are changing people’s lives when you’re a missionary. Howard asked if he got laid in those two years. Dan said he didn’t. Howard Stern called out brutal Tom Petty rejection a few days ago.