Audioslave Discuss Reunion Tour In Never Before Seen Backstage Video After Final Show


One year later, never before seen backstage video from Chris Cornell’s final show with Audioslave at the Anti-Inaugural Ball in Los Angeles has surfaced. In the video, Morello praises Cornell for the band’s great reunion performance. Cornell then says he wants to do a full scale reunion tour, comparing it to the Temple of the Dog tour he had just completed. Cornell says that while the band only released three albums, that it could be a great show. Watch below.

Tom Morello discussed Audioslave and Chris Cornell in a Music Feeds interview, and the innovative idea they had for a reunion tour where Audioslave’s set would be in the middle of Prophets of Rage’s.

MF: Same here! Now dude, if it’s ok with you, I’d love to ask you about the last Audioslave gig you played earlier this year. After everything that’s happened since — obviously losing Chris — how do you look back on that show now?

TM: Well, I just say “thank god we played it”, you know? Audioslave hadn’t played in 12 years, although I’d played another show with Chris about a year before that. And it was wonderful to be close friends and to rock again and to play some Audioslave songs and stand next to him onstage with his – you know – his rock god powerful self, and his amazing voice and his amazing hair and his amazing whole thing, you know? It was wonderful. And we hung out afterwards and it was lovely, and we talked about doing it again. And now he’s gone. It’s a horrible tragedy for those of us who knew and loved him and it’s a horrible tragedy for music. Because he’s one of the best of all time.

Betty Moon had a huge 2017 with the release of her 8th studio album Chrome, and she it looks like 2018 could be even bigger with her latest video release.

Alternative Nation is proud to premiere Betty Moon’s new music video for “Natural Disaster.” The song has a sexy rock and roll grit along with an incredibly catchy melody. The guitar has a crunchy feel that White Stripes and Black Keys fans will love. There’s a stomp along rhythm, and a sexy bassline that makes the track sound totally unique.

Lyrically the track has themes of isolation and anxiety, and desperately wanting to escape being a ‘natural disaster.’ If there’s any justice in radio, this will be a top 10 alternative hit. The song’s mix is fantastic, strongly emphasizing Betty’s voice and soaring hooks, and giving space to each instrument. Garbage and Hole fans looking for a great 2010’s alternative rock voice will really gravitate to Betty Moon and “Natural Disaster.”

The video is largely performance based, with fun visuals from the streets of Los Angeles sprinkled in.

“Natural Disaster” appears on Chrome, Moon’s best album to date featuring other hits like “Sound” and “Life is But A Dream.”

On Chrome, she touches on themes about her new life in Hollywood after relocating from Toronto.

Moon said regarding the record, “The idea behind CHROME was to project a beautiful, destructive and sexy concept of what life can be like when there is nothing holding you back. The drama, success and passion for music all come together with this album. Each song was pieced together to tell a story that is bigger than you could imagine.”

Betty Moon will soon be attending the Grammy Awards, and you can check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and