Audioslave Reveal ‘Terrifying’ Chris Cornell Songs


Tom Morello revealed why Chris Cornell wrote ‘terrifying’ and ‘beautiful’ songs in Audioslave on The Howard Stern Show. Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his remarks.

“And those three Audioslave records – Chris was a friend, and while Chris was a bandmate, I never stopped being a fan of his and his ability to craft melody out of the ether.

“Whether it was a few simple chords, like the song ‘Like a Stone,’ or whether it was some complicated heavy riff, he would effortlessly create something that was either beautiful or terrifying.”

Was it an adjustment for you, all of a sudden you’re working with a new guy?
“Yes, absolutely. I mean, not so much working with a new guy, but working with a melodic singer. His strengths were with melody, and it really challenged and pushed Tim and Brad and I.

“The music of Rage Against the Machine is James Brown bass, it all comes around to the one, it’s the same driving beat and the same driving rhythm that comes around – because it’s rapping, it’s the excellent punk-rock vocals of Zack [de la Rocha].

“With Chris, in order to allow him to shine, there had to be this kind of harmonic counterpoint, so that song ‘Like a Stone’ was – it’s a few simple chords, but it allows Chris’ beautiful voice to soar.”