Axl Rose Butchers ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ In Video


Guns N’ Roses legend Axl Rose recently recived some backlash after his voice sounder pretty awful in a live performance.

Fans compare Axl Rose voice to Family Guy character

During Guns N’ Roses‘s June 15th set in Stavanger, Norway, Rose gave a performance of “Welcome to the Jungle” that left fans shocked. As reported by Metal Hammer, Norwegian fans have posted video footage of Axl singing the final verse of “Welcome to the Jungle,” and the most obvious comparison is to Family Guy character Herbert the Pervert, an aged pedophile who trolls Quahog looking for young boys to diddle.

When one fan noted that we can’t expect Axl to sound as good as he did in the ’80s, another said the following:

“There is a big difference between expecting a concert like 30 years ago and what we got here. With tickets costing 100 Euros per ticket I expected more.

“This was their best song 😳😳😳 – even more down hill from there.”

Another user defended the band adding, “No Axl can’t sing. But you don’t go for Axl’s voice. You go because it’s guns n roses. It’s the history of the band and what they were.”

Watch the video here:

In other news, the legendary guitarist, Slash guitarist visited a shop in Dublin. Slash donned his famous sunglasses and black attire as he dropped into Some Neck Guitars on Dean Street ahead of Guns N Roses Marlay Park concert on Tuesday evening. The shop took to social media to share news of the visit by one of the all-time great rock guitarists.

“It’s not every day that you have a living legend walk through your shop doors, and that’s exactly what happened today [Monday]. It was an absolute joy to have Slash in the shop this afternoon ahead of the Guns N’Roses show tomorrow night, picking up a killer GFI Pedalsteel. A true gentleman. We can’t wait for the show tomorrow, thanks again for dropping in!”