Axl Rose ‘Close’ To New Guns N’ Roses Bombshell


There were recently leaks of new Guns N’ Roses material from the Chinese Democracy era, with many CD tracklistings also being revealed. Management quickly shut down most of this discussion online, before anything of substance really got out. GNRCentral are reporting that Axl Rose may be ‘closer’ to finish the new album with Slash and company than many thing.

GNRCentral wrote, “Why would they care so much about isolated drum tracks? Well my sources tell me (take it with a grain of salt) it’s because Guns N’ Roses are much closer to releasing music than they have been letting on and it could include some of the material that Axl Rose had been previously working on. Axl has recently been working on laying down vocal tracks.”

Slash reunited with fired Guns N’ Roses bandmates last week. The new Guns N’ Roses leaks were discussed on the GNR fan podcast Appetite for Distortion, “Returning to the AFD Show is Megadeth bassist, Dave Ellefson. He’s here to discuss his new book ‘More Life with Deth’ and album ‘Sleeping Giants.’ Dave talks about how Slash’s book inspired his contemporaries to write and gets candid about Dave Mustaine’s health. After the interview, we discuss #GNRLeakGate !”

Another recent episode was described as, “Guitarist Clint Lowery is in a good place right now. His band Sevendust is about to embark on tour with Skillet, he’s working on a new solo album, and has a good support system. It wasn’t always like that though. We discuss his road to sobriety that has led to him working with Wolfgang Van Halen and having his new solo album produced by Michael ‘Elvis’ Baskette, who produced 2 of Slash’s solo albums. Also what does he think about Duff’s “sober approach” comments about getting Izzy back in GNR?”

Listen to “Dave Ellefson talks New Book, New Album, and Dave Mustaine | Ep. 136” on Spreaker.