Guns N’ Roses Stunning New Album Finally Leaks


Photos of unreleased Guns N’ Roses demos from the Chinese Democracy era have surfaced online, with many songs that have been a secret for years. A couple of short clips have also surfaced, but we will obviously not be sharing those. There have been rumors that Axl Rose may rework songs from this era for the new Guns N’ Roses album, so you never know of they might reappear in the future. The first CD cover mentions the songs “Prom Violence” and “Three Dollar Pyramid” as two new song titles. Tracklisting for other discs also were on the discs, with some brutal working titles! A story about Axl Rose being so angry at a show he broke glass was recently revealed.

Rough Mixes CD #3:
Billionaire – 10/15/00 1:31
Dub Suplex – 10/05/00 3:02
State of Grace – 3/23/00 4:00
Oklahoma – 3/23/00 4:12
Devious Bastard – 10/05/00 43:26
I.R.S. – 3/27/00 4:14
Hardschool – 11/08/00 3:58
Dummy – 10/05/00 6:24

Rough Mixes CD #4:
Me & My Elvis – 3/23/00 5:40
Circus Maximus – 11/07/00 4:30
D Tune – 3/23/00 5:16
Curly Shuffle – 3/23/00 3:43
Nothing – 11/08/00 3:50
As It Began – 11/07/00 3:51
Thyme – 11/08/00 1:55

A Freddie Mercury bandmate recently made a bold Guns N’ Roses remark. The Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite for Distortion has uploaded a new episode: Guns N’ Roses fans will know guitarist Richard Dugauy from his contributions to The Spaghetti Incident on the song “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory.” But what was Richard’s path that led him to that moment? The first punk band in Winnipeg, friendship with Duff McKagan, Slash recommending he try out for GNR after Izzy left the band…these are just a few moments in Richard’s life. We learn all about what defines Richard Dugauy.

Come along Richard’s journey which continues today with brand new music. We play clips of 2 new tunes from Richard off his upcoming album “Bad Juju.” In addition we check 2 other new songs sent in by AFD Show listeners. The L.A. Maybe with “She’s Reckless” and Hippie Death Cult with “Black Snake.” All this and much more!

Listen to “Richard Dugauy talks The Spaghetti Incident, GNR Audition, & New Music | Ep. 135” on Spreaker.