Axl Rose Confronts Famous Comedian For Mocking Him: ‘I Was Really High’


On Friday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, comedian Jim Jefferies discussed meeting Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose a few years ago in Las Vegas. He mentioned that he made a joke about Axl showing up late to gigs during a Vegas standup gig, and that Guns N’ Roses were actually set to go on after him. He said backstage he took mushrooms and got really high.

“So later on, I get invited up to this party in someone’s suite, and I go up and there’s just women having sex on the bar. There’s people doing drugs openly, lizards mostly doing drugs, and I’m wondering around just spaced out of my head talking to a pole or something, I’m not sure. Then this big guy comes up to me and says: ‘Mr. Rose wants to speak to you.’ Because the Guns N’ Roses concert had already finished, I had been up at this party for awhile, I get taken into a room, and Axl Rose is sitting on the edge of a bed, and I walk in mashed out of my head.

I sit down, he goes, ‘Hey.’ He’s still sort of that sweet child o’ mine, he’s still cool, I sit next to him on the bed. I try and do that thing that you do when you’re drunk and your parents ask if your drunk: ‘I’m good!’ So I sat down next to Axl Rose, and he goes: ‘Hey man, not a lot of people know that I’m a comedy enthusiast.’ He said comedy enthusiast, who says that? He’s a comedy enthusiast! He said, ‘I watched your show this evening, it was really great. I really enjoyed it, but it’s been completely overblown about how many times I showed up late to gigs.’

He was offended by me teasing him, I became like a child: ‘No offense meant Mr. Rose, I’m sorry Mr. Rose.’ There were a lot of drugs, it could have been a red headed girl, I’m not really sure. I’m apologizing, ‘Sorry Mr. Rose, won’t happen again!’ Then I asked, ‘Can I have a photo?’ His bodyguard said, ‘Mr. Rose doesn’t take photos.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry!’ Then Axl goes, ‘Yeah come on, we can have a photo.’

  • Diana

    Axl is so gentle and sweet.

    • Sarah

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  • Allison Auld

    The guy is opening for Guns N’ Roses and he’s making jokes about Axl? What did he expect?? Axl handled it well. He’s actually quite soft-spoken. Axl’s at the top of his game and this guy has to name-drop him to have something to talk about. Some comedian.

  • Olga Stewart

    So he gets high, he does his routine (a part of which is where he was mocking Axl), then GUNS N’ ROSES hit the stage, he then goes to a party after the show where Axl wants to talk to him, he apologizes (while still blitzed out of his mind) to Axl, and then tells this story on a late night show.

    Man but this guy is a candidate for a ‘Darwin award’.