Axl Rose Confronts Famous Comedian For Mocking Him: ‘I Was Really High’


On Friday’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, comedian Jim Jefferies discussed meeting Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose a few years ago in Las Vegas. He mentioned that he made a joke about Axl showing up late to gigs during a Vegas standup gig, and that Guns N’ Roses were actually set to go on after him. He said backstage he took mushrooms and got really high.

“So later on, I get invited up to this party in someone’s suite, and I go up and there’s just women having sex on the bar. There’s people doing drugs openly, lizards mostly doing drugs, and I’m wondering around just spaced out of my head talking to a pole or something, I’m not sure. Then this big guy comes up to me and says: ‘Mr. Rose wants to speak to you.’ Because the Guns N’ Roses concert had already finished, I had been up at this party for awhile, I get taken into a room, and Axl Rose is sitting on the edge of a bed, and I walk in mashed out of my head.

I sit down, he goes, ‘Hey.’ He’s still sort of that sweet child o’ mine, he’s still cool, I sit next to him on the bed. I try and do that thing that you do when you’re drunk and your parents ask if your drunk: ‘I’m good!’ So I sat down next to Axl Rose, and he goes: ‘Hey man, not a lot of people know that I’m a comedy enthusiast.’ He said comedy enthusiast, who says that? He’s a comedy enthusiast! He said, ‘I watched your show this evening, it was really great. I really enjoyed it, but it’s been completely overblown about how many times I showed up late to gigs.’

He was offended by me teasing him, I became like a child: ‘No offense meant Mr. Rose, I’m sorry Mr. Rose.’ There were a lot of drugs, it could have been a red headed girl, I’m not really sure. I’m apologizing, ‘Sorry Mr. Rose, won’t happen again!’ Then I asked, ‘Can I have a photo?’ His bodyguard said, ‘Mr. Rose doesn’t take photos.’ I said, ‘I’m sorry!’ Then Axl goes, ‘Yeah come on, we can have a photo.’