Watch Scott Weiland Bandmate’s New Show About Drug Addict Rock Star


Former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts guitarist Doug Grean recently posted on Facebook, “I have written and am currently shooting a TV series I call ‘Starman’ Log line –

Washed up and whacky rock star gets cashed around by aliens.

It’s loosely based on my life and the insanity that happened around me when I was in the main stream music business. The rockstar is not supposed to be any one specific but I do use the stuff that happened – repurposed for the new plot or situation – it’s not supposed to be a bio pic or a behind the music. 65% is fiction. And I will let you figure the bits that really happened.

The Alien part I made up: Or did I?

I hope you like it. I’m sure it will piss some people off. But tough shit – this is MY story and I’ll tell it how ever I like.”

Video has now surfaced from last year of what appears to be the first footage filmed for the project, which you can watch below. The video starts with a crash in the desert, followed by some Chewbacca type creature walking around. A ‘Starman’ intro with the instrumental opening to Scott Weiland’s song “Pictures and Computers” playing is then shown, followed by a scene with a rock star sleeping in his house surrounded by alcohol, pill bottles, and drug paraphernalia. Some sort of agent is trying to get in, telling the rock star that he has an interview in 20 minutes.

The rock star wakes up and invites him in, and starts talking about a wolf following him. The agent mentions that when the rock star starts mixing booze and pills the world becomes like ‘Disneyland’ to him. He also insists there isn’t a conspiracy that a wolf is following him. The rock star then requests his Sid Vicious jacket and belt for the interview. The rock star gets angry when the agent gets the wrong belt, and says it’s worth $1,600.

He later wrote to a fan in the comments that Scott Weiland’s likeness and Stone Temple Pilots music would not be heard in the show, “Scotts not in this show not really but his spirit is – I know he would have loved it.”

“It has nothing to do with STP. It doesn’t use their. Name likeness – logos or music.”

Starman – by Doug Grean from Doug Grean on Vimeo.