Axl Rose & Dave Grohl Tell Bloody Biker Bar Story: ‘Medical Attention Was Needed’


Greice Santo and John Elledge have shared an exclusive story with about Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Guns N’ Roses & AC/DC frontman Axl Rose. When Grohl recently attended AC/DC’s show in Washington DC, he spoke to the band’s frontman Axl Rose backstage. Grohl and Rose were joined by Sadie Elledge, an 18-year old waitress was invited to the concert by Rose after he learned that she was bullied. Rose and Elledge were joined by actress Greice Santo, who set up the meeting through her ‘Glam with Greice’ program. Elledge’s family was also backstage, including her Mom and Dad, her grandfather John, and a couple of friends.

Axl was commenting on how he had been working on the back line to smile a little more. Grohl said it was kind of an AC/DC trademark for the guys in the back to stand there playing emotionless and only step forward when they had to sing, and then step right back again. Axl said that Angus had told them that went back to the club days when they played biker bars, the rhythm and bass guitarists had to stand back with the drummer so they wouldn’t get hit with bottles that the bikers threw.

Angus said that’s what got him running around so much onstage, too: dodging bottles. Then one night Angus got hit with a bottle and cut his hand and needed medical attention. One of the patrons of the bar offered him a ride to the hospital and Angus agreed to go with him. On the way they were chatting, and the guy driving told Angus that he was the one who started all the bottle throwing. Angus asked why he would do such a thing, and the guy told him, “Because you guys look so awesome when you’re pissed off.”

Axl Rose, with the help of Santo, invited an 18-year old waitress named Sadie Elledge to the concert after discovering that she was bullied. Elledge was recently left a note on a customer’s receipt that said ‘We only tip citizens’ at Jess’ Quick Lunch in Harrisonburg. Elledge was born in America, and is of Honduran and Mexican descent. The story caught media attention, and ‘Jane The Virgin’ star Greice Santo decided to reach out to the young woman due to her own experiences being bullied. Santo treated Elledge to a makeover through her ‘Glam with Greice’ program, and also connected Elledge with Axl Rose, who gave her and her family free AC/DC tickets. Rose was a complete class act at the concert, according to Santo and the Elledge family.

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Greice Santo will be offering a similar opportunity in South America.

“After the great success of the GLAM with GREICE meets ROCK and ROLL with Axl, AC/DC, Sadie, and her family, I am planning another GLAM with GREICE. This time in my home town of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I will find a deserving person from one of the favelas of Brazil in Rio and do a GLAM with GREICE for them and then take that person and a friend to the Guns N’ Roses concert at Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on November 15, 2016 and hopefully introduce the recipient to Axl and the band after the show!

I am also reaching out now to other artists from different genres of music to do this all over the place.
Remember we all need MLK to live! MLK can change the world! MUSIC, LOVE and KINDNESS. That’s what this crazy world we live in needs right now.” Below is a professionally shot photo of Santo.