Billy Corgan, Monica Lewinsky & More To Unite For Major Event


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan will be speaking at The Nantucket Project, which runs from today until Sunday in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Corgan is advertised as an ‘Icon/Iconoclast.’ Other names set to speak are President Bill Clinton’s former mistress Monica Lewinsky, Norman Lear, Hope Solo, Mark Hyman, and Chris Nowinski.

The Nantucket Project is an annual conference that takes place on Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The event is held in a tent overlooking Nantucket Harbor, offering “an intimate and relaxed setting.”[3] By bringing together leading thinkers and decision-makers, the event aims to create “a powerful distillation of ideas that will spark meaningful conversation and lead to meaningful change.”

The Nantucket Project was co-founded in 2010 by Tom Scott and Kate Brosnan. The Nantucket Project’s founding circle includes Scott, founder and CEO of Nantucket Nectars and creator the HBO television series The Neistat Brothers,[5] Wendy Schmidt, President of The Schmidt Family Foundation, former Senator Bill Frist, Alicia Mullen and Jennifer and Bob Diamond, the former Group Chief Executive of Barclays.

The inaugural event was held in the fall of 2011 at the White Elephant hotel. The Nantucket Project has remained at that venue.[7] Past speakers have included Rahm Emanuel, Eric Schmidt, Larry Summers, Meredith Whitney, Senator John McCain, David Rubenstein, Steve Case, Mellody Hobson, Peter Thiel, Craig Venter, former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond, X Prize Foundation founder Peter Diamandis, Dean Kamen, Tony Award winner Julie Taymor, former Thomson Reuters chief executive Tom Glocer, former NBC Chairman Bob Wright, Former Patagonia CEO and Professor of Advanced Strategy™ Michael Crooke and many others.

Speakers participate in a variety of formats, which include individual presentations, panels and intimate one-on-one conversations. All speakers are directed to address the theme of each year’s event.[9] The theme of the 2011 event was “Re-Think.”[10] The theme of the 2012 event was “Collective Intelligence,” or “how we can leverage technology and other advances to aggregate and amplify human intelligence.”[11] The theme for 2013 was “Seek the Truth, Endure the Consequences.” The theme for 2014 was Art + Commerce, “a convergence” that conference organizers say “best defines our world today.”