Axl Rose Is Getting Fashion Advice From AC/DC’s Camp


A MyGNR user named Lumikki recently met AC/DC guitarist Angus Young and his wife in Vienna, and the Youngs revealed they’ve been giving Axl Rose advice regarding his on stage wardrobe.

First of, to the people here who dislike and were complaining about Axl wearing so many hats and stuff: You can thank Angus’ wife Ellen for Axl cutting down on that a bit recently. Ellen said she told Axl’s assistant (I assume she meant Beta) to tell him to get rid of the hats and sunglasses, at least on stage. And that people want to see his eyes and face when he is up there.

The lady standing next to me thanked her for doing that because “Axl has such a cute smile and people should see it.” :lol: Angus’ wife actually agreed and said that Axl is very sweet and that he has been nothing but a pleasure to work with so far. She also said he was very funny and brought a lot of fun into the band again. She really seemed quite fond of him.

Then she went on and said that Axl came in well-prepared and he knew and would sing the songs exactly as they were on the albums. The guys in the band were confused at first, because they had been doing some of their own stuff “wrong” for so many years. But they checked and found out that Axl was right. And now they even had to re-program the teleprompters after all these years because of Axl! :P