Metal Artist Spotlight: Condition Critical The World’s Next Thrash Titans


Hailing from New Jersey, Condition Critical is one of the best thrash bands of the decade. Their heavy and in your face style often gets them compared to thrash legends, Demolition  Hammer. The band has been slowly getting more and more attention since the release of their second album Extermination Plan. I was able to interview vocalist/bassist Mike Dreher on the band’s current progress.Mike is now also in the comedy metal band Lich King who recently got to tour with Anvil

How did your tour with Game Over go? Any cool stories?

  The tour was great. Every show was successful, and the crowds have been raging.  It’s also great to watch Game Over every night, as well as discover and watch new bands in these areas.  As for stories, nothing too wild has come up.

I see you embarked on a tour with the heavy metal band Anvil. How did it feel to tour with them?

 It was honestly hilarious in my opinion.  We all sat there on the bus and said to ourselves, “we are touring with Anvil.”  They we insanely great guys and it was fun seeing them.  They are very good musicians and were extremely tight every single night. I wasn’t a fan at the time, but I am now because they are now friends of ours who will probably forget our names 2 days from now.

How did the writing process of your new album go? How would you compare it to the debut?

The writing process was much more different this time around. We all had our own songs ready, so this time it was more showing each other what was already made, opposed to writing first hand. Honestly, it worked out much better this way, and to me, the album is just overall better than our debut I’d have to say!

What made you decide to call your selves Condition Critical? Where does the name come from?

The set that our drummer used to play on often was once jammed on by the drummer of Quiet Riot, and because of that and the interest of the band, he brought up the name, and we all agreed on it.

You guys are often called Demolition Hammer Junior. How do you feel about this comparison?

Whenever someone discovers us for the first time, and is also a huge DH fan, that is brought up.  It’s absolutely an honor to be labeled as the miniature version of a band we love so much.  Cannot wait to see them at MDF!

What about  80’s thrash do you find the most interesting?

 The best part of Thrash in my opinion is the speed and aggression.  The speed, intensity, and the slams.  It’s just perfect.  I just love moshing madness riffs.

Whats your thoughts on the New Jersey metal scene right now? Any favorites?

 There isn’t really an incredible amount of thrash bands in NJ honestly.  Which is good and bad at the same time.  It’s good because then there aren’t an over saturated amount of bands that sound similar (which usually is the case), but then thrash shows tend to lack bands all in the genre. In our scene, I’d really have to say The Donner Party and Xenophile are favorites of mine.