Axl Rose ‘Got Furious’ At Guns N’ Roses Reunion Show


Greta Van Fleet discussed seeing Axl Rose get mad at a Guns N’ Roses reunion show in a new Talk is Jericho interview.

Danny Wagner said, “Yeah, over in Germany – massive show, stadiums, undeniable. It was crazy. It was the first time they had been playing in a long time a few years back.

“It was just funny, getting back into the game again, Axl was kind of… [chuckles] being Axl.”

Josh Kiszka added, “We’d be out watching them, we finished up, we’d get to the front of the house to see the show. I can remember Axl saying, ‘Sorry, but you sound like shit,’ pissed off at a technical problem, at himself, I think.

“But I don’t know, yeah, kind of crazy. I think for the most part we kind of jumped right into headlining stuff.”

Josh also discussed speaking to Elton John for the first time, “Sir Elton John. It’s sort of like – I guess it’s sort of like a friendship now, but we got a call, we were in a studio in Detroit – from our manager – he said, ‘Elton John would like to talk to you guys tomorrow, he’s gonna call you.’

“‘OK, alright.’ He got on the phone, and these 10 seconds, which felt like 10 minutes of silence, he’s waiting for somebody to talk, so yeah, he invited us to play his Oscar party.

“So we went and did that, and he got on stage and played, we played one of his songs, ‘Saturday Night’s Alright,’ and then he played one of our tracks, and that was pretty amazing.

“He was in London and came to a show, and then I think we were flying back, he was doing a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we were flying in and just managed to – we didn’t get to see him before, we just got there in time to see the show from the start.

“Then he saw us in the audience and made a shoutout. It was crazy, and then we went back afterward, so it’s just been this very strange relationship, I mean, the person that you’ve known your entire life that never would imagine you’d brush shoulders with, hard to top him.” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed his comments.