Greta Van Fleet Tell Dave Grohl Alcohol Story


Greta Van Fleet told a Dave Grohl alcohol story on Talk is Jericho.

What did he say to you when you guys were talking to [Elton John] on the phone?

Danny: “He reached out, he said, ‘I’m aware of you guys and I really like what you’re doing, that sort of organic rock ‘n’ roll.’

“He liked the music, and he essentially asked if we would like to come up and play his show and asked if we accept. ‘Would you like to play a song with me, perform with me?’

“I can’t remember the entire conversation, I wasn’t really there. [Laughs]”

Josh: “There’s been a lot of people that have been coming through our lives, and Dave Grohl’s another. The first time we ever met Dave, we were opening for the Foo Fighters.

“All of these guys are great, but yeah, he just decided to @come onto our bus. We just finished the show, and so he came on with a bunch of Jaeger, and we were just taking shots and just kind of talking.

“Later we did ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ with [producer] Greg Kurstin, he’s done stuff with Foo Fighters, so we were recording in LA, and Greg and Dave were doing a show together.

“So it was there that Dave started telling me story about him walking in with the Jaegers, and his mother is there.

“He goes, ‘Yeah, so I was reading an article in the Rolling Stone about Greta Van Fleet, and then I saw their ages – in Canada, it’s legal.'” Ultimate-Guitar transcribed comments.