Axl Rose Meeting Bullied Teen Fan Will Melt Your Heart: ‘It Was The Highlight Of Our Lives’


As we reported earlier this week, Axl Rose invited a fan named Sadie Elledge and her family and friends to an AC/DC concert in Washington DC last weekend. Elledge, an 18-year old waitress, was recently bullied at work when a customer left a racist note. Elledge and Rose were connected through actress Greice Santo, who was also in attendance, and gave Elledge a makeover through her ‘Glam with Greice’ program.

Rose was very nice to Elledge, Santo, and their entire party. He was kind enough to even have his own photographer take photos of him with everybody backstage. has received an exclusive e-mail from Sadie’s grandfather John Elledge about the dream experience of meeting the legendary Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC singer.

“I have been an AC/DC fan for nearly 40 years, and Axl Rose’s invitation to my granddaughter and her family (which luckily included me) to last night’s concert in Washington DC was a true thrill. Not only was it a fantastic show, but being there with Sadie and her mom and dad was an unmatched experience for three generations of Elledges.

Axl’s generosity and good humor made this an absolute highlight in our family’s lives. Talking to him backstage, hearing his humor and feeling his kindness to us only magnified my respect for the man. And his performance was out of this world. He really did get the job done. It’s incredible how, in picking Axl to front the band, AC/DC picked up where they left off, without missing a beat. He was both true to himself and true to AC/DC. I’m blown away.” was also told that Axl Rose’s manager Beta Lebeis, and her son Fernando, were class acts. Beta checked with Greice to make sure she and her party were okay because the concert was so loud, and had earplugs delivered to them.

Axl Rose’s reign as the king of rock in 2016 continues.