Tom DeLonge Teases Blink-182 Reunion In Photo


Pop-Punk fans are clamoring for not only new Blink-182 but for some original Blink 182. Founding band member Tom DeLonge hasn’t been featured on one of the band’s studio albums since the release of 2011’s Neighborhoods. This would be due to that in addition to his solo work DeLong wanted Tom to leave the band to start up “To the Stars”, a company that sells music, books, clothing, and more. Supposedly most of the funds go to alien research.

A divorce phone call was recently revealed by this Blink-182 icon. However, there could be some new evidence to suggest that a new Blink-182 reunion could be closer to the truth than fiction. Over on the Blink-182 subreddit one user named Hyland-lament pointed out how Tom Delonge changed his Twitter bio and this could just have ushered in a pretty big clue to the future of the band. The user said: “Tom’s Twitter bio currently says blink-182 before AVA… hmmmmm”

In addition, to add more speculative fuel to the fire – over on the Instagram page of Tom DeLonge, the acclaimed original Blink-182 member posted the following message with this caption: “Here’s an old pic of me and @travisbarker on a day off while on tour a few years back.” It should be noted that Travis Barker liked that photo on the social media platform as well. In addition, both Barker and Mark Hoppus commented on the post.

Blink-182’s last studio album as an overall group was the 2019 release ‘Nine’ that came out September 20th, 2019. The album, which ironically enough was the band’s eighth studio album release issued five singles including “Blame It On My Youth” and “Generational Divide”, “Happy Days” among many others. Nine debuted at number three on the US Billboard 200 with 94,000 album-equivalent units, including 77,000 pure album sales. To date, it has sold over 202,000 copies worldwide and is the band’s eighth US top 10 album.