Axl Rose & Slash Are ‘Identifying’ People Who Hurt Guns N’ Roses: ‘It Was Volatile’


Slash discussed he and Duff McKagan reuniting with Axl Rose in Guns N’ Roses in a new Music Aficionado interview.

“When it was firing on all cylinders, I like to consider it a great rock ‘n’ roll group on its own merit. It wasn’t because of gimmicks. Obviously, it was highly volatile. Now that we’re back together, without getting too much into it, we’re able to talk about it and identify people who got in the way. It’s great to be past all that without having to listen to anybody’s input—not managers, not business people. We just do what we’re good at, and it’s nice that it’s been well received.”

He also discussed his first band Tidus Sloan.

“That was the first band I put together. I didn’t know what the name meant. I had a stoner buddy in high school who was way more advanced on guitar than I was. Philip Davidson—he had a Strat, he had an amp, and he knew how to play Deep Purple. He was like a god to me. His parents were never home, so we had keg parties and trashed the house. At one point, the name Tidus Sloan hit me as a great name for a band, although I can’t remember why. I think it had something to do with what Philip said—I must’ve misheard it.”