Metallica Icon Reacts To Horrible Arrest Rumor


Metallica‘s original bassist Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to look back that the iconic metal group was formed in his garage thirty-eight years ago today. A fan by the Twitter handle of @l_harned gave her thanks to the original Metallica member by saying the following. This Metallica icon recently broke his silence on James Hetfield drinking.

“Thank you, Ron. I hope that you get a nice meal and some cake today. You deserve so much more, and can never be repaid.”

To which McGovney responded back with: “LOL. I’m not in prison. I get to go home when I clock out from work.

James Hetfield’s Metallica recent ‘freak out’ before rehab was also revealed. Later on, he would answer another user. This time after posting James Hetfield’s handwritten lyrics for Hit the Lights in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. McGovney and Hetfield played the song for their old band Leather Charm. A Twitter user named @SamuraiJoeC2 would then engage McGovney for a series of questions and answers.

Firstly, the user stated: “[I] didn’t know you had songwriter credit on that song. All the liner notes always had the songwriters as being James and Lars [Ulrich]”

To which the original bassist replied back with: I don’t. I think the plaque at the Hall was removed rather quickly.”

The user continued: Ah. Ok. They must have gotten the songwriters mixed up with the original band members.

In where McGovney would counter: Hit the Lights was written and rehearsed long before Lars was ever around.

The user seemed perplexed then asking one last followup: Hmmm. Wow. Ok. Any of the other songs from Kill Em All like that were pre-Lars?

To which McGovney would answer: The song No Remorse has riffs from 2 different Leather Charm songs. No other full songs except HTL. [Hit The Lights]”

This Metallica icon newly revealed if James Hetfield used drugs. The original bassist answer another question. This time from a Twitter fan with the handle @SammyEdwards who wanted to know if a particular San Franciso tour shirt from 2011 was an original. Ron would reply: No. Those shirts were very small and would have fallen apart.