Corey Taylor Reacts To Larry King Claiming ‘Many Fans Blame’ Chester Bennington For Suicide


Larry King claimed in a new interview with Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor that ‘many fans blame’ Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington for his suicide, and have called it ‘cowardly.’

Taylor responded, “Unless you’ve walked in those shoes, you don’t understand the pain, the weight of carrying that along, and there’s no right way to deal with it.”

“There’s no universal fix-all. So you spend your whole life trying to find what works for you. I am just glad I got the time I had with him.” Taylor added that Bennington was a “sweetheart of a guy,” and that he sadly struggled with mental health issues.

Taylor also discussed President Trump. “I’m not going to sit here and call him a Hitler like a lot of other people will,” he said. “I think he is just a massive ego. He’s a businessman who’s gonna try and run America Inc., and that doesn’t work — that’s not what governments do, as far as I’m concerned. I may be naïve, but I grew up watching different programs and different things and different forms of deregulation, and it’s never gone the right way for the middle class. So everybody who keeps telling me to give him a chance, I keep trying to give him a chance and he keeps shooting himself in the foot.”

Taylor also weighed in on why he thinks Kid Rock has no place running for the U.S. Senate. “I’ve never met him. I’ve heard he’s really, really cool, but I think the worst thing that people can do is assume that you can fill a role that you have no experience in,” Corey said. “I mean, we’re kind of seeing that with the President right now. So there you go.”

Taylor talked cross-genre collaborations with Larry, revealing his desire to join forces with legendary rapper Jay-Z. “His mind is so massive, I think it would be really, really cool,” Corey said.